Internet & Web Hosting Over the Years

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

The internet we know today was called ARPANET when it was first used in 1969. At that time it connected only four to five computers which belonged to the U.S military forces. Using internet meant learning complex systems and the facility was available to a handful of people only. In 1972, the system evolved a bit to include email service which was introduced by Ray Tomlinson.

With internet spreading to labs and libraries, it started getting mature and one of the major developments in the history of internet came in 1983; the change from Network Control Protocol to TCP/IP. Another milestone was achieved in 1984 when domain name system was introduced and domain names like .com, .edu and .gov were established.

ConceptBy 1990, the facility was made public via dial up connection and the first ever company that provided internet connectivity to the public was In the very next year the platform of World Wide Web was released by CERN which was actually developed in 1988. One of the major threats to the newly born revolutionary system came in November 1988 when Morris worm attacked more than 6000 Unix computers. However, this incident paved way for the development of computer security systems and more robust antivirus programs.

The next few years marked the beginning of the world becoming a global village. With banks, shopping malls and businesses shifting to this virtual arena, the internet went viral. By 2005, the number of computers connected to internet crossed 440 million. Today, most households worldwide have at least one computer and with an internet connection. Internet has totally changed perception of people; getting information, entertainment, interacting, business, shopping, and anything else one can think of means connecting to the internet.

The World Wide Web podium has everything one can look for, and for this reason the internet hosting services have been growing at a warp speed. The ever increasing demand has enabled the industry to flourish. Servers Row and EarthMany software houses and hosting service providers have merged together to provide enhanced services. Further, the technological advancement has also done huge benefit to the web hosting industry; cheaper costs of newest systems have allowed small vendors to grow as well. The value addition on the web hosting industry is expected to grow at 3.1% by 2017. Banner and Netfirms are webhosting service providers. provides domain registration and web designing services too. It offers services like online marketing, VPS hosting, SSL certificate, URL forwarding, and Email, Transfer Lock and DNS management. It has been working since 2000 and is currently one of the largest domain registration companies which provide innovative products and services that best suits one’s business need.

Netfirms BannerSimilarly, Netfirms, founded in 1998, currently power over 1.2 million websites worldwide. It too provides distinct and affordable webhosting services, domain registration and E-commerce as well. The specialized services include email, Hosting servers, Domain forwarding, Linux features and CMS. Netfirms provide complete support to its customers and customer satisfaction is among its core values. Both the market leaders are working to provide best possible quality services.

The web hosting industry is a very competitive one and is evolving at a fast pace, so the top market players need to develop competitive advantage and innovative offers in order to keep the consumers interested. With small businesses and individual registering their own webpages, the industry is evolving by incorporating latest technologies and developments like PHP, MySQL and Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. PHP is one of the most popular scripts used for creating interactive webpages. It also allows an increased control over the HTML by allowing options like DIV tables, graphical displays and login functions. The PHP programming language works side by side with HTML and is much easier to learn too, for this reason it is the most widely used script today.

Similarly, MySQL and CMS are also important tools in website development and management. CMS allows centralized maintenance of websites while MySQL is a database management system that allows multiuser access to a range of databases. Like PHP, MySQL is also widely used for it has low licensing costs, low hardware consumption and speedy loading.

With such scripts and management systems, the website development and hosting has become an easy task for even service providers with limited resources. Hundreds of webpages being registered daily reflect that the industry has a bright future ahead.

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