Powerful Ways To Secure Your Computer

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Internet security is a technical and complex subject, especially in current times when the cyber world is crowded with hackers and different types of malware and viruses. If you are a computer user you probably know how important internet security is.

Internet security mainly refers to the protection of data stored in the hard disk. It means, applying techniques which ensure that your data is not accessible to or readable for unauthorized users. Common measures of security involve encryption and password usage but, of course, with the amount of malware software present out there ready to attack your system, these measures are not sufficient. The first layer of security is usually provided by the internet service provider by filtering harmful websites and applications. For more enhanced security, firewalls, antivirus and anti-Trojan programs are used.


Firewall ConceptFirewall is a set of applications that serve as a barrier so that a private network is not accessible to people outside it.  A good firewall is ideal for any internet user. Having a good firewall will prevent unauthorized external user to access your computer. The settings of your firewall can vary from low security to high security. Another salient thing that the firewall does is to generate a log file that captures connection details of other external systems that are trying to access your computer as well as the record being sent out by you. Windows operating system provides a good firewall by default, but it is essential that you download good free firewalls like Zonealarm and Comodo.

Antivirus software

After having a good firewall the next thing is to have a good antivirus program.  Antivirus will help prevent malicious computer program that may corrupt your data files and hard disk.  One of the most common known viruses is the Trojan horse. Like other viruses, this virus enters into your system disguised as something else and then steals or destroys your personal information without you knowing. Another malicious program is the worms, these are malicious programs that spread and replicate themselves. They replicate and enter into your computer and spread causing a break down to your system.

File Protection
As a computer owner it is important to take precautions. One precaution is to make sure you never open an email attachment that you aren’t sure of, unless if it is an email from somebody you know.  Beyond that you need to secure your system with an updated antivirus. Some of them cost money, examples are those supplied by McAfee and Norton. Other antivirus are free and are being offered on free downloads.

Among effective antivirus programs are software by Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, Nod32 and AVG antivirus.

Anti-spyware and Anti-adware

Spyware is meant to grab info and passes it to the remote server while adware is the software that causes those distracting and annoying pop-ups. Both spyware and adware can be brought by online downloads. After downloading these programs they corrupt and latch your system files. These two types of malware are bothersome and they always bring harm to the computer system. The best way of preventing these malwares is by using anti-adware such as Ad-Aware. Importantly is making sure your system is protected against spyware and MacAfee and Norton supply anti spyware.

Secure web browsing

Internet Security
For a more secure web browsing, it is always good to disable third parties cookies that allow the third party to keep track of your system. By following these simple steps you will be able to disable unsecure connections (click on tools → internet options→ lastly customize privacy). Another simple way yet effective is enabling warning boxes, this will warn you if you are entering into unsecured connection. The procedure is by clicking on tools; go to internet options, then security, lastly custom level. Some of the add-ons that you should keep in mind are ad-block which help to prevent pop-ups and help you run only on sites that are trusted.

Hence, in order to benefit from internet resources and still stay safe from hackers and malicious applications, it is important to install appropriate internet security measures in your system or network.


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